“I” was wasted in the afternoon
Waiting for the sun goes down
I woke up in pieces and you had disappeared again
Wish you’re inside of me
Hope that you’re ok

“Again..” I was wasted in the night
Waiting for the moonlight
I woke up in pieces and you had disappeared again
Just want to say

“Still..” Here I am with my wasted time
Looking for your face, wait for something sweet
Keep your smile on, beautiful surrounding you.

Came up like smelling rose


I poured a glass of wine,
wishing you’ll be fine,
let spend the joy in the dream,
catch the falling star,
and make a wish…

Sometimes, we happen to meet strangers,
friends are what we have become.
Being with you is like walking on a clear moring.
I definately have a brave heart of belonging there.

By I Don’t Know

Friendship isn’t finding the perfect friend,
But, by loving the imperfect friend perfectly.
True friendship doesn’t have a happy ending.
It simply doesn’t end…

BY WHO..??

You’re graceful as a bird
My heart is on the wing

Each time I fall asleep
It seems I’m just drifting away
Drowning away
Just as you have touched my heart

If only you knew
Every night before i sleep

hampir setiap malam sebelum tidur
aku selalu berdoa
untuk orang2 terdekat
kedua orang tuaku
saudara saudaraku
dan kamu adalah salah satunya

Separuh perjalananku, malam
Bersama kawanku, berhiaskan bintang
Yang bertaut pada ranting rembulan
Dan bertengger di dahan hatiku
Samar dawai usang mengiringi burung malam
Mengepakkan helai lagu tidur
Tidurlah dengan nyenyak
Hingga aku meneteskan bangun tidur
Bersama embut pagi
Esok hari

Simple music can make you sing
Simple hug makes you feel better
Simple things cam make you happy
So I hope
My simple Good Night can make you sleep well

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