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Royke Fransiscus

Fashion Photographer

Born in small beautiful island Bali-Indonesia in 1977.
When Roy was 11 he began to capture images arround with his father with analog camera.
Art and Music had always been an essential aspect of his life.In 1998 he started to involved in the production of few book and advertising.
Now fashion Photography became his passion and he love to capture a clear and art picture for this industry. Roy currently live in china with his wife and four children.



Soda Organizer

Soda Bali Event Organizer

Soda provides exceptional event planning, design, and production services for distinctive corporate and social events. We are experts in designing temporary environments, fresh experiences, and in stirring the emotions and senses.



Bintang Gemini Perdana

Medan Advertising & Photography

Bintang Gemini Perdana (BGP) is engaged in design, printing, and photography with functionality Art and Design



Hawkeye International Guardian Host

Safety & Security Specialist for Hospitality Industries

Initiated and founded by an experienced safety & security manager with track record in Indonesian Anti Piracy Program in coordination with Indonesian Police Head Quarters, being an investigator for a money transferring, guarding, security system and equipment company from Australia in Jakarta, restore, renovate and developing safety & security system for an American based battery factory in Jakarta, setting up safety and security for 5 stars and diamond stars Hotels and Resort in Bali.





One Stop Travel Services & Travel Consultants base on bali




Funiture Design & Store

Creative design is located in the Kuta Bali which enjoys reputation of art city. With team of year’s experience behind, Creative design soon becomes professional manufacturer which specialized in bed, cabinets, dining table and different chairs. We insist on the spirit of be trustworthy, strict quality control, develop with consistently innovation, our market increased not only domestic but also overseas. We are always doing our best to make each purchase an enjoyable experience from beginning to the end. We provide service which exceeds our customer’s expectations. At creative design, we will listen to your ideas, discuss with your needs and help you with the perfect solution for your purchase and budget. Our design consultants can help you make great design a way of life. Come in, experience the art of living.




Interior & Exterior Design

Oline Interior is a specialized manufacturer of furniture and interior. The company prides itself on its flexibility, broad range of product and attention to quality. We have an office/workshop and showroom in Bali, with a talented group of qualified managements and indigenous craftspeople.



One Earth School

Educating New Man For New World

The One Earth School is located in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia and has been founded by Mr Anand Krishna of the Anand Krishna Education Foundation to pioneer changes in the education field, to draw back the goals of education to its origin, that is : to humanize human beings, to instill the ethical values, to build the character.



Blue Point Bay Villas & Spa

Bay is the ultimate coast resort

Situated on top of the cliff, on the extreme southern shore of Bali.
The romantic idea resolved in a concept, combining state of the art comfort with the genuine ocean view.
Probably there is no comparison to this area in Bali, possibly in the world.




Manado Megazine

Manado Business, Investment & Travel Information for International Readers